District of Columbia Security

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  • Mandatory training requirements for Security Officers (SO) and Special Police Officers (SPO) as well as certification of training curricula. Security Training Letter
  • DCRA will begin accepting curriculum and instructor applications on March 15, 2016
  • Beginning March 1, 2016, Special Police Officer (SPO) license renewal applications must be submitted online. SPO Renewal Letter
  • Beginning February 1, 2016, Security Officer (SO) license renewal applications must be submitted online. SO Renewal Letter.
  • Beginning February 1, 2016, Private Detective (PD) renewal applications must be submitted online. PD Renewal Letter.
  • Effective January 2014, a Basic Business License is no longer a requirement for Security Agencies and Private Detective Businesses.

2014 Annual Report (pdf)

For additional information, please contact us by phone: (202) 442-4320, fax: (202) 698-4329, or email: Kenya Johnson: Kenya.Johnson@dc.gov

Online License Renewal

Registry - License Look-up

Licensing Publications and Forms

Downloads Stock number Format Size
New License Instructions: Agency/Company 650912 PDF 182 KB
New License Instructions: Individual 650913 PDF 187 KB
Acknowledgement of Security Personnel Form 650902 PDF 54 KB
Additional Requirements After Licensure 650914 PDF 63 KB
Arrest Affidavit 650903 PDF 17 KB
Authorization to Release Information 650905 PDF 60 KB
Bond Form 650901 PDF 119 KB
DC Security Officers Candidate Information Bulletin 650911 PDF 168 KB
DCMR Title 17 - Business Occupations & Professionals 650916 PDF 1.9 MB
Exam Notice 650915 PDF 108 KB
Fact Sheet for Attorney-In-Fact or General Agent 650904 PDF 67 KB
Letter to Security Agencies 650917 PDF 575 KB
New License Application 650910 PDF 243 KB
Security Agency Fact Sheet 650907 PDF 92 KB
Transfer Request Form 650906 PDF 142 KB
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