Huawei Certification

Notice: As of May 15, 2014, Huawei exams will no longer be delivered by Pearson VUE. For more information, please refer to the Huawei website: in Chinese and in English. Thank you.

Huawei Certification covers ICT technology areas. Through meeting the competence development requirement of ICT talent at different levels , Huawei Certification can facilitate personal career development and enhance organization performance.

The rapid growth of the ICT industry represents the great demand on ICT talent. Meanwhile, the revolution in the industry sets more requirements for the knowledge and skills to be acquired by professionals. Individuals have to master “knowledge convergence, multi-disciplinary skills and evolved standards” in order to be a qualified ICT talent.

To cope with the market requirement, Huawei launches certification service, to cover the major technologies of ICT area. It is a core part of individual career development and organization performance enhancement.

A universal technical standard for staff under the ICT convergence trend

Under considerable investigation and analysis on industry development trend and Practitioner’s competence model, Huawei’s certification system focuses on universal knowledge and skills of ICT industry. It covers IP, IT, and Communication Technology (CT) to meet talent’s capability development requirement of different ICT areas.

A benchmark of competence model for ICT talents

With Huawei’s pioneer role in ICT industry, the certification system is based on rich practices in ICT industry and extensive understanding of the knowledge and skills required by ICT talents. Through a multilevel certification model, ICT talents competence development can be guided and supported by authoritative recognition.

Accredited qualification with profound assessment system

The comprehensive test database guarantees certification quality by providing a proven tool to certify individuals for their technical competency, operational discipline and practical ability. Test items relate to key knowledge and skills ensuring that the certified individual has the appropriate competence to meet job-role requirements.

Huawei Certification Systems Including:

  • IP Technology Certification
  • LTE Technology Certification
  • Cloud Computing Technology Certification
  • Transmission Technology Certification
  • Access Network Technology Certification
  • Optical Network Technology Certification
  • Microwave Product Technology Certification
  • Mobile Soft Switch Technology Certification
  • NGN Technology Certification
  • MGW&SBC Technology Certification
  • USC Technology Certification
  • SG Technology Certification
  • GSM Technology Certification
  • WCDMA Technology Certification
  • CDMA Technology Certification
  • Wimax Technology Certification
  • GSM RNP&RNO Certification
  • WCDMA RNP&RNO Certification
  • CDMA RNP&RNO Certification
  • Microwave RNP Certification
  • Site and Power System Certification
  • Hybrid Power Supply Certification
  • Telecommunication Equipment Survey Certification
  • Hardware Installation Supervision(Exclude RF Product) Certification
  • Hardware Installation Supervision (Include RF Product) Certification
Note: The HCIE-R&S Written Exam within China is available only in Chinese (Exam Code: HC-012-261-CHS) at the Pearson VUE Authorized Testing Centers listed here.

Exam Price Adjustment

Effective from August 10, 2012, the price of the following Huawei certification exams would be adjusted:

Exam name Exam code Old price New price
HCIE Carrier Written Exam HC-161-CHS 250USD 300USD

Fast Certification

This is a fast-track certification for IP Certification. It accommodates the certifications issued by other networking vendors and allows those certification holders to attain the Huawei IP certification within the shortest feasible period.


If you have taken Huawei Certification exam before, you’ll need to use your existing Test ID when registering. Appointments may be made in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability. Pearson VUE offers a variety of scheduling options:

  • Schedule Test Online
  • Schedule Test Over the Phone
  • Schedule Test through Local Test Center

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