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QlikView Certification Testing

The QlikView Certification Program is the industry’s first Business Discovery Certification program. Certification validates your QlikView knowledge and skills and can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity and further credibility. With QlikView Certification, you benchmark your skills against an established level of competency, differentiate yourself in a competitive job market and demonstrate your contribution within your organization.

IMPORTANT! If your company is a member of the Qlik Partner Program and you wish to have your certifications counted toward the program requirements, your Pearson VUE web account must contain the email address associated with your QlikView login ID, your full name and company name.

QlikView Designer

The QlikView Designer Certification Exam tests your knowledge of interface design of QlikView applications. This certification is recommended for all roles involved in the analysis, design and layout of the QlikView application user interface. This exam tests your ability to gather and interpret requirements, identify and analyze data sources, and design and develop the application user interface.

QlikView Developer

The QlikView Developer Certification exam tests the technical skills necessary to develop (design and script) and deploy QlikView applications. This exam tests your ability to gather and interpret requirements, identify and analyze data sources, create the associative data model, design and develop the application user interface, and deliver the QlikView application. Passing the QlikView 11 Developer Certification exam grants you BOTH the Developer and Designer certifications.

QlikView System Administrator

The QlikView System Administrator Certification Exam tests your knowledge of managing a QlikView Server and Publisher environment. This exam tests your ability to install and configure QlikView Server and Publisher, perform administrative tasks, and troubleshoot problems and errors.

Prepare for your Exam

Visit the Certification web pages on or the Qlik Partner Portal

  1. Gain the experience listed under Exam Prerequisites
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Recommended Preparation Resources; attend training AND get hands-on experience with QlikView
  3. STUDY the Exam Domain Areas - these are the topics on the exam, broken into sections and objectives
  4. Take the FREE Designer and Developer Practice Questions

NOTE: Practice questions for System Administrator Certification are not available at this time, but may be available later this year.

Register for the Test

First-time test takers must create a Pearson VUE web account. Appointments may be made up to one business day in advance.


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