The Conference (ICFSEB) Certification Testing

The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards (ICFSEB) is a not-for-profit voluntary association providing examination services, information and regulatory support to funeral service licensing boards and educators, legislators, and other regulatory agencies, and the public at large in various states, districts, provinces, jurisdictions, and internationally.

Practice Exam Information

These sample examinations are representative of the NBE Arts and NBE Sciences examinations. The content areas of these tests are comparable to those of the actual examination, although the questions on these tests will never appear on an actual examination.

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Prior to Scheduling Your Exam Appointment

Prior to scheduling your exam appointment you must have already completed the following—

  1. Submitted your application and payment to The Conference.
  2. Allowed at least TWO business days for processing of your application.
  3. Been certified as eligible to take the exam. (Check with your school to verify this before contacting The Conference.)


In order to schedule your exam appointment you must have your ICFSEB ID. In most cases, this ID is your Social Security Number. If you do not know your ICFSEB ID, please contact The Conference.

Schedule Your Exam Appointment

Appointments may be made through Pearson VUE online or over the phone.

Last updated 2014-10-19